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Unprepared To Die: The Movie

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This seven-minute YouTube video, based on my book’s introduction, has me explaining to camera why I felt compelled to write it and how I came to be obsessed with these gory, fascinating songs in the first place. If you’d rather watch it on YouTube’s own site, just click here:
Please do share the YouTube link with your friends and feel free to embed the video on any other website where you think people might enjoy it. Just click the “Share” icon in the top right corner of the screen above and that’ll give you all you need to spread the word.
Special thanks go here to the freelance video editor Ben Franklin who did the production work on this film and edited it all together so expertly. I couldn’t have produced anything half so polished without him.

Intro  |  Reviews  |  Bookhunt  |  Radio  |  Video  |  Bonus Material  |  Other Slade Titles