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Black Lives Matter street art: Summer 2020

By Paul Slade
Secret London
Murder Ballads

I took all the photographs in the collage below within an hour's walk of my NE London home during the three months following George Floyd's murder on May 25, 2020. They're all from Hackney, Islington or a few steps into the surrounding boroughs.
As with my earlier collage of nearby Coronavirus street art, I'm posting this because I think the graffiti, window signs, posters and other ephemera this extraordinary period's produced is worth documenting. Some of the work you see below lasted only a week or two before being scrubbed away, so I'm glad I captured it while I had the chance.
You can enlarge the image below by clicking here. For more Black Lives Matter street art from around the world, see The Guardian's excellent photo collections here, here and here.


The remarkable thing about this second little set of pics is that I took them all in a single short North London street: four houses in a row, each with its own unique sign in the front window, plus a big central banner and another window sign dead opposite. Beat that!