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PlanetSlade Gallery

By Paul Slade
Secret London
Murder Ballads

One of the fun things about PlanetSlade for me is that it gives me an excuse to occasionally commission illustrations from my favourite indie cartoonists. It’s a more affordable habit than you might think and over the years it’s allowed me to work with talented folk like Rick Geary, Gerhard, Hans Rickheit, Roger Langridge, Karl Stevens and Nick Gowman. You’ll find all their PlanetSlade pieces below, along with links taking you to bigger copies of the art and the accompanying essays.
Further down the page, I’ve added a few pieces acquired at book festivals, from correspondence with the artist in question or – in the case of the Hernandez brothers portraits – simply as a gift. Other contributors to that section include Alan Moore, Eddie Campbell, Dave Sim, Ralph Steadman, Peter Brookes and Hunt Emerson.
The idea of this page is present all these drawings – commissioned or otherwise - in a single place for comics and animation fans to enjoy. If they end up finding a few extra readers for the essays they’re illustrating too, so much the better.

Reinhard Kleist: The Mercy Seat

Unknown artist(s?): Daffy & Coyote sketches.

Various artists: Bookshop signings & convention sketches.